Arrival in Bangkok

After an exhausting 28 hours of travelling where we lost a full day of our life to time change, we’ve finally landed in Bangkok. To say we are tired is an absolute understatement.

We flew from Toronto on Sunday at 6pm to Dublin. Then Dublin to Abu Dhabi. Then Abu Dhabi to Bangkok. I think we’ve consumed more airline food than we ever need to in our life in just one leg of the trip.


(Saying good-bye in Toronto)

Getting into Bangkok, we decided to take the City Train (45 baht) to downtown and grab a Tuk Tuk, rather than grabbing a cab. The train was about 30 mins and the Tuk Tuk ride took about 10 mins. We had read in our guidebook that a cab would cost 50 baht to get into St the airport, take anywhere from 50-100 mins and cost 70 baht in tolls and 300-350 baht in fare.

Once we got off the train, a nice Thai man started up a conversation and helped us grab a Tuk Tuk. I was too tired to haggle, so we agreed upon the first price of 400 baht. Probably a rookie move on our part, but we agreed it was one we were willing to let slide. The driver was so nice, spoke English, and pointed out a bunch of places we should check out.

I would definitely recommend this method of getting from the airport to downtown. The view from the train was amazing and it was actually incredibly easy. Maybe we are just familiar with the Toronto subway, but the subway system is all in English so I think it’s safe to say anyone can make this route work.

After passing some incredible street meat boroughs, lots of stray dogs, and several soldiers holding machine guns (the Royal Army is stationed near our hostel), we pulled up to a quaint and cozy hostel named Khaosan Baan Thai. Highly recommended by HostelWorld as the best budget accommodations, we weren’t let down. At $9 each/night for a private room, this seems like a perfect launchpad for our travels. We arrived several hours before our 1PM check-in, but the receptionist graciously allowed us to stash our bags and roam.

With that, it’s time for us to grab the biggest bottle of water we can find and take the longest nap.

– S&L

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