I’m not quite sure when we decided to quit our jobs, move out of our houses, say goodbye to our friends and family and leave everything to go on a trip around the world together. But, here we are.

IMG_1359I’m Samie, a writer/journalist and marketer from Toronto, Ontario. I’m originally from the East Coast of Canada but I’ve made the incredible city of Toronto my home base for the past four years. Oh, and meet my boyfriend Luke! He’s a recent Economics graduate from The University of Waterloo. He’s originally from Simcoe, Ontario and has spent time on the West Coast of Canada. We love electronic music, Tim Horton’s, and trying absolutely anything once.

We’ve been dating for over a year and a half but have been friends for nearly four years now. We’ve always discussed traveling together, but after starting a jar of money in my underwear drawer as savings over a year ago, we made it a reality.

The name of this blog is titled “Did you pack it?” because if you knows us, you’d know that I’m a Type A personality with a sharp as a tack memory and Luke is a high energy scatterbrain who forgets absolutely everything. Our life consists of me following him around asking “Do you have your wallet?” (Hmm, where did I have it last?), “Okay, got the car keys?” (Um, they’re in the car with the door locked…), “Hey, can I use your IMG_20140912_190826cellphone?” (Not sure where I left it. Can you call it for me?).

This blog is going to follow us on our first ever backpacking trip. For Luke, this is his first trip outside of North America. For me, I’ve backpacked in Brazil and Argentina, but have yet to experience Asia at all. We have sold almost everything we own and plan to be gone for a minimum of one year, starting in Southeast Asia.

It’ll mostly be me here writing on this blog, but you’ll hear from Luke from time to time. We edit and help each other write every single post — so the words here are something we share (unless you see a signal signature on a post). We’ll be talking about our budget, packing, travel tips, reviews, and also all of our ups and downs traveling together, as a couple for the first time. We hope you enjoy it!

Connect with me (since Luke is a social media turtle):




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